Two Tom’s Reasons to take Holidays In Pendle

1February 2023

Strap on your boots and take a walk along the Two Toms, an English adventure honouring two remarkable individuals who fought for our access to nature. 

Towards Pendle Hill

This path leads you through rough moorland and fell woods through this hidden gem of our countryside in north western England, from Whalley all the way to Pendle Hill – with stunning views of Blacko Tower and Foulridge Reservoir, like vibrant gems nestled between woodland hillsides alongside East Lancashire’s towns.

Twenty-Five Pennine Miles in Total

Whether taken in one go or split into three sections starting section one at Whalley then ending it at Newchurch-in-Pendle, this journey allows anyone— most especially those from working class backgrounds as championed by Thomas A Leonard –to immerse themselves completely in Pendle’s beauty while enjoying time out outdoors!

You Could Stay at Pendle Holiday Cottages

Embark on the next step of the adventure through the beautiful landscape of Lancashire as section two takes you from Newchurch-in-Pendle (just a step down the road from Barley)to Colne, offering breath-taking views over fields and woodlands.

From Pendle Views to Yorkshire Scenery

Stretch your legs as you reach Pinhaw Beacon’s trig point in section three for spectacular sights into Yorkshire Dales National Park and Malham Cove.

Unlock tips galore with a PDF guide that can be found at www.visitpendle dot com – who knows what magical discoveries await?

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