Walk Around Pendle in Catherine Tyldesley’s Footsteps

7March 2023

Embark on a journey and explore the supernatural history of Pendle Hill with Catherine Tyldesley, Coronation Street star and local Lancashire lass. The notorious witches’ trial of 1612 put 10 people to death after they were accused of witchcraft – Alice Nutter among them. Uncover their story as you walk through surrounding villages, get mesmerized by moors in shadow of brooding Pendle Hill- all while following the footsteps of Catherine herself on this much loved walk! Visit where it happened; see Alice Nutter’s statue, which stirs emotions, and read about her plea for innocence. Despite that she was hung alongside nine others at Lancaster gaol in 1612.

Simon Entwistle, a local historian, believes these unusual women were persecuted and falsely incriminated partially because they lived in the forest and partially because of their great age. Astonishingly enough, two individuals among them had reached 85 years old during times when the limit of most people’s lives was 35 years! Further evidence against these women included clay dolls made using human hair and teeth. Did these poppets even belong to these women and if so, was their use as evil and negative as it was made out to be in those days? It appears that this is yet another example illustrating how brutally women have been treated across history. Mr Entwistle thinks they were no more than herbalists, scraping a living, with limited access to society.

Step into the past as you follow in Catherine’s footsteps, making your way to Pendle Hill. This dramatic near-mountain looms imposingly over its surroundings with a haunting atmosphere that has come symbolize this famous story of injustice. The breath-taking beauty will enchant you!

There is always opportunity to climb Pendle itself, if you are feeling up to the additional effort. The view from the top is fantastic and, with the whole of the Pendle Valley spread before you it’s easy to understand why this hill is so iconic.

Despite the sadness behind the story of the witches it’s a fantastic walk and you could enjoy a warm and welcoming stay in Rooster’s Rest or Hen House at PendleHolidayCottages.co.uk. Booking directly with us saves you 10% off the full price of a holiday. That’s something to take into account these days. If you get a chance to come, do so. It really is enjoyable.