Witches, Devils and Pendle Hill

21February 2023

Witches, Devils and Pendle Hill

Take a journey through time and explore the charming villages along Pendle Hill, starting at Barley Green; villages whose eerie past of witchcraft, curses and executions is shrouded in mystery. From Lancaster Castle – where 10 accused people were tried for their alleged sorcery- you can follow centuries old tales from one picturesque village to another. Discover this unique history with every step!

You Could Stay at Pendle Holiday Cottages

Discover the folklore and witch-lore of Pendle Hill on this scenic countryside walk. Beginning at Barley Green Car Park, just a short step from Pendle Holiday Cottages, you’ll traverse past Newchurch village to uncover a witches’ grave marked with Nutter’s name—a fitting reminder of dark magic practices that ran rampant here so long ago. Take a pit stop in Witches Galore Shop for some local memorabilia before continuing down your enchanting journey!

Original Cottages

Next this countryside walk takes you past Faugh’s Quarry, which is where one of the famous accused witches allegedly encountered The Devil. Scattered around this area are the rustic farmhouses and family homes that were formerly inhabited by those related to these perpetrators or who testified against them. While you won’t reach Pendle’s 557-metre peak – also known as “The Big End” – on this walk, there’s always an option for a more energetic climb up from Upper Ogden Reservoir via what locals call ‘the Pendle Way’.

Old Pendle Hill

Despite its tumultuous past, this British walk has become a favourite — and with dark skies of old yielding to an intriguing atmosphere around every corner, it’s no surprise why.